Soups of the Day

Chicken & Dumplings

Tender spheres of dough in this carrot and pea filled white sauce

Wild & Brown Rice with Chicken

A thick, creamy soup with brown and wild rice, carrots, and chicken in a rich broth

Entrees of the Day

Stuffed Cabbage Rolls

Velvety smooth cabbage leaves filled with beef, rice, onions & spices in a tomato broth


A hearty New Orleans style entree with chicken, sausage, shrimp, smoked ham, green and red peppers, celery and rice.

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Wine Shop Magnolia Park

We Are Your Madison Park Wine Shop

Need a terrific wine to pair with the special dinner you have planned? Not only do we have a huge wine selection at Bert's, we also have a full time, in-store wine steward who can help you pair the perfect wine with any meal. He is amazing at pairing any of our wines we have in stock and which one will go better with beef, poultry, fish, how you're going to cook it and what you're having with it. If we don't carry the wine he thinks would be perfect, he'll be happy to special order it for you.

In our fantastic wine department, we have a local Washington section, a California section, a variety of other domestics, and a nice selection of international wines, including a lot of New Zealand and Australian wines. Not only will we place special orders (we can order cases), we also offer discounts on cases and half cases.

Wine Shop Magnolia Park

Bert's Red Apple

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2017 Grocer of the Year

Bert's Red Apple owner named 'Grocer of the Year'

When Roger Croshaw went out to lunch with his wife on April 28, it seemed like just another day. The sun was out, which made for a pleasant meal, and when he returned the parking lot was full -- a good sign that indicated a busy shopping day at his store, Bert’s Red Apple Market.

But when Croshaw finally made it inside and rounded the dairy section, he found a surprise in the chip aisle. Waiting for him next to the Tostitos and Lay’s were his daughter-in-law, his food wholesaler, Mike Koens, Washington Food Industry Association President Jan Gee, and a cake.

“Oh my heavens, what is this?” he asked.

Gee told Croshaw that he had been selected as the Association’s Grocer of the Year for 2017. The award is given to independent grocers who have made a lifetime commitment to service in the industry.

“I think 55 years more than qualifies,” Gee said, with a chuckle.

She added that Croshaw’s tenure had been marked by charitable and community-building contributions such as repeated sponsorship of the Shore Run, contributions to McGilvra Elementary School, and service on several industry boards.

Read the entire article on the Madison Park Times website.

- A Family Tradition -
From Our Family To Yours

Bert's Red Apple has been a fixture in the Madison Park neighborhood for generations. When Bert first started his grocery business in the late 1930's, he was founding a family run business that would not only be dedicated to providing excellent products and service, but also to serving the Madison Park community. Bert set the standard of a caring and compassionate small-business owner that we strive to match every day. Learn more about the history of Bert's Red Apple on our About Us page.

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Bert’s Red Apple Market

Address: Madison Park - 1801 41st Ave E, Seattle, WA 98112

Phone: (206) 322-1330

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