Soups of the Day

Ivar's Clam Chowder

This Seattle staple is full of clams and potatoes with that smooth chowder taste

Vegetable Beef & Barley

Beef broth filled with seasoned beef cubes and hearty barley. Onions, carrots, celery and potatoes finish the dish

Entrees of the Day

Grilled Chicken Fettuccini

Seasoned tenderloins of chicken with long, tender fettuccini. Engulfed in a rich parmesan cream sauce

White Bean Chicken Chili

Soft white beans mixed with seasoned chicken in a silky white sauce

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Autumn Pumpkins

Celebrate Autumn's Abundance This Thanksgiving

This Thanksgiving, relax a little and spend more time celebrating the joy of the bountiful season with your family. Instead of creating every dish from scratch and spending hours in the kitchen, start your shopping at Bert's Red Apple where we have many delicious, "Oven-Ready" dishes that we prepare on-site with the freshest ingredients by the the most dedicated cooks you could ever hire. We have oven-ready mashed potatoes, 2 kinds of stuffing, yams, cranberry sauce, turkey gravy. We can also cook your turkey for you, all you need to do is reheat and it's ready! It's best to place your order in advance so we can get it prepared for you to pick up. We guarantee an indulgent comfort food experience for your holiday meal.

For pre-dinner, we have some wonderful cheeses in the deli and exceptional wines to start the conversation. Be sure to peruse our huge wine selection, for wine with dinner or for a hostess gift. Pick up the freshest produce at Bert's for any of the traditional family recipes you're creating. We also have lots of fresh-baked pies available which would be a perfect ending to the meal, topped with whipped cream and served with gourmet coffee.

Bert's Red Apple wants to say thanks to all our faithful customers! We wish you a Happy Thanksgiving!

Autumn Pumpkins

Pumpkin Spice And Everything Nice

Nothing says Fall like pumpkin and Bert's Red Apple has dazzling pumpkin desserts like Uncle Seth's pumpkin cookies, all individually wrapped. For a dramatic harvest table centerpiece, try the subtle sweetness of pumpkin cream cake, which is a pre-sliced, ready-to-serve pumpkin pound cake with whipped cream frosting. Rich pumpkin cheese cake cookies, pumpkin scones and classic pumpkin pie are all ready to pick up for the office party or neighborhood get-together. Oh and don't forget Jody's favorite, Dreyer's pumpkin ice cream; she says it's the best.

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Acorn Squash

Amazing Acorn Squash

You don't name your store "Bert's Red Apple" if you aren't serious about produce, At the heart of healthy eating are fruits and vegetables, and at the heart of our store you will find farm-fresh produce. Bert's Red apple always has a great selection at competitive prices. Our selection includes seasonal, specialty and organic items. You can always count on Bert's for variety, freshness, and exceptional service without the extra stop on your way home!

The cooler months are prime time for squash. Pumpkins may get all the glory at Halloween, but there are many other versatile, vividly colored, flavorful, and nutrient-packed varieties to brighten up fall and winter meals.

Acorn Squash is a squash with a sweeter, denser, yellow-orange flesh inside, and more firm in texture than summer squash or zucchini. It is high in nutrients like potassium, magnesium, even iron and calcium, and Vitamins A, C, and B-6. It is also high in dietary fiber. And while that is all well and good (get it, "well") the fruit of the squash is delicious,and can be prepared most commonly baked, but also sauteed, steamed, and even microwaved. Squash takes well to a wide spectrum of seasonings and can be true crowd-pleasers when used in soups, casseroles, risotto, and lasagna.

For an accompaniment to roast turkey, prime rib or roast pork, and ham try this recipe for Cranberry-Stuffed Acorn Squash as a side dish. It is festive enough for all your holiday meals and all winter long. Wash 2-3 acorn squash and pat dry, cut it in half, discard seeds. Place the squash, cut side down in a microwaveable baking pan with 1/2 inch water in pan and microwave on high until the shell is fork-tender or place cut side down in a 15 inch X 10 inch X 1 inch baking pan with 1/2 inch water in pan and bake for 30 mins. until fork tender . Meanwhile, combine 1 cup cranberries chopped, 1 medium tart apple chopped, 1/4 cup walnuts chopped, 2/3 cup brown sugar, and 1/4 cup butter (melted). Drain pan of water: turn squash cut-side up, sprinkle with salt, stuff with mixture and bake 25 mins. longer until tender

Baked Acorn Squash

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