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Our goal at Bert's Red Apple is to bring our customers the widest variety of best-tasting fruits and vegetables. We have them delivered several times a day, seven days a week, to bring you the freshest produce available, including a full section of premium organics. We won’t sell it unless it meets our high standards, including grade, size and eating quality. We are constantly going through the produce making sure it's fresh and looks great. That way, when you bring it home to your family, it will stay fresh and delicious for quite a while. This is the kind of product experience we are committed to.

We even offer fresh-squeezed orange juice that we make in-house. Imagine starting your day with a truly fresh glass of orange juice. Your family will taste the difference and you can be confident their day has a healthy start.

If you have any questions about our array of hand-selected produce, our friendly, dedicated and knowledgeable produce staff will be happy to answer them. Besides telling you where our fruits and vegetables come from or how to choose the best for your needs, they can even give you suggestions on how to prepare them when you get home.

As much as possible we buy our produce locally and from the Northwest, to support our local economy, to ensure the highest quality products for our customers and to minimize our carbon footprint.

Granny Smith Apples
Fruit Mix
Granny Smith Apples


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